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Ho Industry is committed to establish and improve the intelligent digital product sales network。 
    Ho Industry color handheld game consoles, Bluetooth series, interactive television game series, computer peripherals series, educational and other products in addition to education for the masses in the majority of domestic consumption, the agents from countries around the world is from online and offline multi-faceted provide more ho Industrial goods and services for foreign masses.
    Ho Industrial sales outlets throughout the country among major cities: the retail end of the line under the main cover in Electronic City, Computer City, the country, and other chain stores, supermarkets, gift market; on the network end terminal online, in addition to Taobao ; the Lynx flagship store; Taobao store; make a purchase, but also can go to search on Taobao; ho Industrial; for more Taobao seller information from the majority of the ho Industrial Taobao distributors for more product promotions .
    In order to protect the majority of ho Industrial interests of the users, we recommend that users purchase the following procurement guidelines:
    Go to retail outlets → Select intention Products → Advisory Details → Determine purchase intent → Delivery cost products → Request proof of purchase
    Industrial ho more sales network is being established in the modern digital life, let us share the fun of intelligent digital technology products.
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