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 Ho Industry: to create wealth for the community, to help employees achieve their personal values. We created a brilliant, also lived through the winter, through the seasons of casting a fly-ho Industrial withstand hardships, tough play from the elite team. We believe that talent is the source of survival and development, is the winning strategy for future wealth. Let each one flash of wisdom, so that every drop of sweat crystallization, so that each individual value, are our lifelong responsibility to employees. 

    ——We fully acknowledge and respect the individual's knowledge, skills and personality of thinking, creating inspired and passionate work environment, training staff brave struggle and fighting spirit of the times, to help employees realize their own value; 
    ——Our ability to regard employees as the company's most valuable resources, working conditions and quality of life concerns of staff, to staff and to enhance the quality of training to safeguard and improve the economic income of employees, truly cherish the people, culture, love”; 
    ——We strive to deal with centralization, decentralization and the relationship between the authorization to the system as a precursor to the trust as a link, to improve the transparency of the decision-making process, leaving employees more free space for development and personal growth in order to achieve its proper position before , best use of people achieve the common development of enterprises and employees。 
    Here is a ceiling, not the stage, a group of people with a dream on the stage; here advocating morality, respect for team spirit; here need is passion, is to go beyond; here encouraged to challenge themselves, to encourage continued creativity. With respect to ignite passion, love to win loyalty, trust and gathering strength, land and sea through ARUN look forward to every talent: 
 Create superior ho Co., success you dream of me! 
Apply Information: 
①We do not recommend that job seekers apply for multiple jobs at the same time, please carefully read the job duties and the basic requirements of interest, based on their work experience, education, skills and career development orientation, select the most matching jobs 
②Do not (within two weeks) repeatedly applying a short position。 
③If personal circumstances and job demand in one area or more aspects of a large gap (for example: industry, work experience, professional, education, Qualifications, etc.), do not send your resume
④Please accurately describe their own history, and to provide real and effective documents, refused all cheating。 
⑤After the company will resume for the telephone interviews。
Ministry of Personnel recruitment hotline:0769-89029933 turn 833  Mr.Chi   
Job Offers:

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