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 All along, ho Industries are to provide users with the most appropriate and the most comprehensive quality products and services。
    All customers in the proper channels to purchase ho Industrial Products (receivables with recognized credentials or formal invoice), are entitled to fly Hao Industrial Customer Service Center free warranty service, so you buy the rest assured Shuxin. 

Different ways to facilitate inquiries:
    Users can call directly fly Hao Industrial Customer Service hotline (0769-89029933;) other relevant matters. Industry is also the official website (address: www.feihao88.com) through ho query, or add-ho Industrial Customer Service QQ: 307715440 consultation 
Note: If involved to be returned, or call the Customer Service Centre Industry ho inquiries to the relevant distributor.

Maintenance period:
“Manufacturer's limited warranty period is also referred to as the maintenance period
The first time since the maintenance of end-users to purchase the product started.

Returned, maintenance Flow Description: 
In-ho Industrial Direct stores and direct sales stores to purchase: 
    To provide better customer service, the customer who bought ho from the date of the first seven days of the Industrial Products will be considered for examination, doubts about the quality of the product during the inspection, directly to the retailer advice, filing, and demands the return , replacement or warranty; or contact the customer service center ho Industrial consulting, filing, and asked to return, replacement or warranty;
    Case once accepted, send the product back to the retailer or the relevant ho Industrial Customer Service Center freight customer shall be paid in advance. After receiving the returned goods sent ho Industry and related retailers will have the right products for testing, the test confirmed that the product is indeed due to product quality problems, costs associated with returned process generated by the ho Industry and related retailers bear ( prepaid freight will retreat back), if tests confirmed non-product quality problems (as a result of improper operation caused by the customer) customer need to bear detection process of two-way shipping, freight prepaid will subside back, and return the product to the user when the courier use to pay。 
    Non-first 7 days inspection period, any product quality problems, the customer has the right to claim ho Industry and related retailers return; but return, replacement costs incurred shall be borne customer。 
    As more than seven days of inspection product quality problems, in principle, to return, replacement; but still enjoy the warranty service Warranty period。 

In-ho Industrial other reseller channel later: 
    In principle ho Industrial advocate Where to buy provides aftermarket customer where such principles are not in the official sales channels Industrial ho (ho Industry official mall and shop) are commercially available products, ho Industrial Customer Service Center will advise the customer the retailer to acquire service, such as the customer shall adhere ho Industrial customer service center to provide after-sales service processes all costs (eg freight) shall voluntarily assume the customer. 
    Corresponding warranty period, the product of any problems, please contact customer service center ho Industry and related retailers, if necessary, and send the product back to ho Industrial customer service center for testing, if the test proved to be the product of physical reasons, fly Hao Industrial customer service Center will issue an inspection report and product repair or replacement.
    Within the limits permitted by domestic law, the maintenance of the product is not due to subsequent resale, repair be extended or renewed or other reasons affected. However, repaired part will enjoy the original warranty period within the remaining period of guarantee from the date of repair or thirty (30) days, whichever is whichever is longer.

    If you wish to make a warranty claim under the limited warranty, you can call the customer service hotline ho Industrial (such as the use of the hotline service, please note that the call may be applicable to domestic phone rates or where necessary, return your Product or the affected part Send a back-ho Industrial customer service centers and customer service outlets Industrial ho. ho about Industrial customer service outlets, ho Industrial designated service locations and ho Industrial customer service hotline official information is available through local ho Industry find a product or service guide on the web. 

When making a Limited Warranty claim you have to present:
    a) Product (or the affected part);
    b)Legible and unmodified original proof of purchase, which displays the name of the seller's credentials clearly, date of purchase, product type, serial number or other; 
    c) Three bags of documents (such as the warranty card) has been duly filled。
     This limited warranty applies only to the first end-user product (initial consumer), and is not transferable to any subsequent purchaser / end-user。 

Limited warranty does not apply to the following:
    1、This limited warranty does not apply: 
      a)Normal wear and tear.
      b)Transport costs between the primary product and from consumer and ho Industrial customer service center generated.
      c)Due to defects caused by rough handling (including, but not limited to, due to sharp items, by bending, compressing or dropping, etc. caused by defects)
      d)Defects or damage due to improper use of the product caused by, including but not limited to compliance with ho Industrial warning or explanation about the product using the product caused by defects or damage (such as those set forth in the user manual use).
      e)Other acts beyond the ho Industrial products reasonable control.
    2、This limited warranty does not apply to products used in conjunction with or connected by a non-ho Industrial manufacturing, supply or authorized by a product, accessories, software or services, or products for purposes other than its intended result of defects
    3、This limited warranty does not apply to short-circuit the battery, the battery seal is broken or altered, or the battery is used for non-designated equipment caused by defects。 
    4、If after ho Industrial reasonable judgment, the product has been opened to any person ho Industrial customer service center outside, modified or repaired, or when it is repaired using unauthorized spare parts, or product serial number, accessory date code, or IMEI / ESN altered or illegible for any reason, this shall not apply。
    5、If the product has been exposed to moisture, moisture, and under or extreme thermal or environmental conditions, or are exposed to rapidly changing conditions in the foregoing, or corrosion, oxidation or food or liquid spray or affected by chemicals this limited guarantee will not apply.
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