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 Ho Industrial Products Warranty Services:
    Accurately anticipate your needs, our concern to your side. Bring you more, to appreciate ho Industry brings you feelings of pleasure.
    To protect your rights, please following information! 
    Ho Industrial products after purchase in order to get the repair, replacement or return (Three Guarantees) rights, please: 
    1. At the time of purchase, ask for a valid purchase invoice or purchase accessory (if available separately attachments) invoices and safekeeping. The purchase invoice means: as indicated on the invoice attachment type, batch number and date of purchase items, amount, etc. and affix the seal of the seller. 
    2. The warranty card and valid invoice is to achieve three packs interests you the basic guarantee.
“Three Guarantees interests: 
Product during the warranty period, you can get free warranty, please refer to the warranty conditions 
    Products within the warranty period replace two still can not normally use, you can choose to return. Press Return when the selling price of a single refund. Sales by the dealers return to you.
warranty service: 
    If you are within the warranty period (whether random or later purchased separately) has failed, along with a valid purchase invoice, contact your local dealer service. Local dealer to do the initial examination, you fly to Hao Industrial warranty repair center. If you have any questions, you can call directly fly Hao Industrial Customer Service Hotline: 0769-89029933; other relevant matters. Industry is also the official website (address: www.feihao88.com) through ho query, or add-ho Industrial Customer Service QQ: 307715440 consultation, the final interpretation ho Industrial Company. 
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