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一:Principle of mouse resolution
        The decisive factor in the level of performance of the mouse, on the mouse within its internal decoding apparatus can identify the length of the dots per inch, which is generally the resolution has been said, the unit is DPI or CPI. Which means that the mouse movement, each move an inch can accurately locate the maximum number of messages. Resolution is a measure of the accuracy of the mouse movement, divided into hardware resolution and software resolution, hardware resolution reflect the actual capability of the mouse, and software resolution is by software to simulate a certain effect.
二:The mouse is how power
        Apart from the use of low-power chips, and Trigger, standby sleep and other functions, and some models also designed the switch / button when not in use can turn off the mouse, all these ways, have extended battery life, a AA battery life on a laser model is about six months.
* (Battery life depends on the individual using the mouse diet may vary。)
三:Phenomenon wireless mouse off code
       Wireless optical mouse with a period of time, if there is code out of this phenomenon, the situation may appear unresponsive in general is low battery, it should be promptly replaced with new battery。
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