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 In order to create the atmosphere of our industry's most ho Industrial branded channels, ho Industrial customers are essential or self-employed legal economic entity capable of normal operation of the unit, and the need to have the following three basic requirements.
   1. philosophy is consistent: agency management and can fly Hao Industrial brand strategic unity, fully recognize and understand ho Industrial corporate culture, product positioning and long-term development strategy, understanding of brand marketing on the regional market and sales targets the market operation of the program; at the same time capable of effective implementation of the sales policy of brand marketing. Ho Industrial Distributor shall not operate other brands of similar products, if you can unconditionally cancel the distribution of qualifications. 
    2. With the market to match the sales network: dealer sales network to cover the entire area of the market, various types of horizontal and vertical channels have the opportunity to combine, especially in logistics to fast, direct, active and communication outlets. Has a strong secondary wholesale channels and retail channels, can quickly penetrate the market, increase market share and distribution rate, to achieve the overall regional market Plough. 
    3. improve the service system: to have a good service attitude! The need for agency service awareness, and actively prepare for customer service, replacing defective products in time for the exchange is not selling model and variety, with good pre-sale, sale concept.

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