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Address: No.3, Caimei 2 Road, Huangjiang, Dongguan,China
Zip Code:523768
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Hao Fei digital shops: feihaosm.tmall.com

 People-oriented, innovation and technology into daily life in order to create a superior product. Every breakthrough brings new surprises, all changes in bit by bit, our products and spirit will permeate throughout the world
Join Advantage:
Factory uniform delivery: ensure that the brand, quality, service and provide seven days no reason to return
Experience: strong, well-managed, workshop adopts standardized management, and established a strict quality management system
Variety of goods: over 300 supply balance for you to choose, new shelves in succession
Funded: higher sales volume distributors discounts and other incentives
Occasional distributor training: Every Distributor has a corresponding customer service
Joining requirements:
Shop more than 5 stars, favorable rate of more than 97%, in line with the shop Business Scope
Sales and discount policy
Professional experience in the industry
Return Policy:
1, seven days no reason to return, but must ensure that products without defaced, does not affect the secondary sales
2, a certain percentage return policy
3, train and drill exhibition fee reward
application process:
To understanding→Sign up→Check→download→Sales


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