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Address: No.3, Caimei 2 Road, Huangjiang, Dongguan,China
Zip Code:523768
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Corporate Profile 

Dongguan Feihao Industrialist Co., Limited (shortly known as Feihou Industrialist) is situated between Huang Jiang Town and also Guangming New District in Shenzhen. This is the junction between Shenzhen & Dongguan, this advantageous geographical location enable us to become a worldwide factory supplier, and we have quick transport linkage to other Delta Pearl Rier and other China cities,  and this would develop a close supply chain relationship.


Dongguan Feihao Industrialist Co., Limited is a specialised manufacturing enterprice that we are integrated with research R&D, in-house manufacturing, and sales together. Our products are very broad, including multimedia digital products, smart bluetooth wearables, smart household appliances, family home TV games, portable TFT game systems, ..etc. which can fully meet all different market requirement from different worldwide countries.


We own our copyright & trademark logo for FEIHAO, HOLAAM, and we have owned lots of new patent invention rights over 100 item in China, all our  products have our intellectual property right that we would have strict copyright registration for protecting our assets.


In addition, Dongguan Feihao has already passed ISO 9001 :2008 International Quality Management System, CCC Chna National Compulsory Product Certificate and also we have passed lots of strictest factory audit and quality testing issued from internationally recognized institution regarding the social responsibility, and product quality inspection like ICTI, BSCI, WCA, our factory name and product all have highest reputation among our customers from different Europe, USA biggest customers.
Dongguan Feihou Industrialist Co., Limited is having a garden-styled and modernised production plant, with a large and well-equiped administration building and also a comfortable dormitory building. We have a stronger capability of developing game softwares, new product development, we also have our own departments like plastic injection, silkscreened printing workshop, ultrasonic bonding machine, assembly, packaging, QC inspection under a scientifc management process.


We also have branch offices in Shenzhen and Hong Kong, and a good establishment of worldwide distributors & agent, and we have very business connection with over 300 different well-known business enterprise in China to have long business cooperation with us. 


We already have long business transaction with many overseas customers from Euope, South and Latin American countries, Middle East countries, South East Asian market, and even Russian. Our products are designed to aim for providing all joyful fun, health, and convenience for more end users, buyers, customers. we are looking forward to seeing more customers to come to know more information, or to get business works with us by mutual beneficial way.


Dongguan Feihao is welcoming you to join with us together. 

Sustainable future 
Ho Industry will continue to focus on product innovation, brand building and other core competitiveness, accelerate the development of business education puzzle games industry and digital Bluetooth IT field on strengthening operational efficiency in order to achieve long-term sustainable business development. 
   Ho Industrial positive natural growth through internal and external development opportunities continue to expand the scale, in March 2011, located in Dongguan Huang Jiang-ho of Science and Technology Park officially opened, Technology Park construction area of over 30,000 square meters, the current annual production capacity of more than 300 million yuan, the implementation of the project further consolidate ho industry leading position in the industry!
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