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Dongguan console game manufacturers simple sharing of maintenance measures
Time:2012-7-24 Announcer:Admin

1, the working voltage game should ensure 220V & plusmn; within the 10V range, too low will affect the visual effects, the high vulnerability of Queensland bad game Power Box

, scanning, transformers, can cause severe damage to the PC board.

2, game work environment should be well ventilated, not wet. And regularly remove dust inside the machine, the air humidity is too low Queensland, will lead member

rust, electronic components, computer boards partial short circuit and burn.

3, the indoor game should also ensure that no scatter in all directions into, rat urine can cause a short circuit electronic components scrapped.

4, game should place a smooth, avoid shaking vibration to prevent metal parts or tokens falling to pieces of electronic yuan Queensland the short circuit burned parts


5, should avoid high-pressure game, magnetic interference, high voltage batteries and other electronic lighters disrupt computer board can cause a program runaway Queensland serious

damage the computer board, the owner of the play-off should strengthen supervision.

6, computer board placement: generally hanging as well, should be avoided and machine metal parts, screws and other contacts, avoid the use of anti-static Queensland Free book

film, anti-static foam insulation board computer, in order to avoid a short circuit burning plate.

7, the computer board game regularly measured between the first and third interpolation blue pin voltage should be sure that in 4.8V ~ 5.3V Fankun around. Since the potentiometer

or component parameter variations caused by voltage fluctuation should be measured regularly adjust knob + 5V power supply box on the Queensland corrected. Plate set too low will crash,

too high will burn plate.


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